2219 Prince Street - Beaufort - South Carolina

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"I could not be more impressed with this gym."

I brought a group of 20 women ages 18-55 for a couple of self defense classes and I could not be more impressed with this gym. Cesar is a natural leader who lead and empowered this group of ladies in just a few summer sessions. Cesar and Megan are wonderful people who have a passion to see people find strength within themselves with hard work and dedication.

- Lisa Olsen

"I carry myself differently"

I started jiu-jitsu in the 7th grade, when I thought the only difference between the various martial arts was the type of noodles they consumed (joking).. But 2 years ago I had very little knowledge, experience and interest in this world of self-defense and attack skills. Coming into the gym for my first classes, I was often full of dread and exhaustion from track practice. Little did I know, that not only would I eventually learn how to fight (and submit) people with 5 times my muscle mass, or who were at least twice my size, but I would learn so much more. Now a 9th grader, I carry myself differently, I can see the world from a different perspective, and the best part is, I'll keep growing and I'll keep learning more. There is no doubt about that at the Stillness Gym. Cesar doesn't just teach life-defense skills, he teaches life skills.

 - Taylor Maddox


"Cesar is amazing with kids!"

Awesome gym! Great coaching for my son and daughter! Cesar is amazing with kids! His classes are fun and he also incorporates important life lessons about bullying and stranger danger! This is a peaceful place for your kids to grow and learn!

- Sara Miller

"Instruction is top notch."

I train BJJ out of town, and I emailed Cesar to see if I could attend an open mat session while I was in Beaufort for vacation. I had a great time rolling with Cesar and his students - the gym is clean, people are friendly, and BJJ instruction is top notch. Any town would be fortunate to have a gym like

The Stillness Gym. 

                         - Lee Day                                        


"I feel really good about me."

I'm going to try to get this comment as accurate as I can. Leticia (Brazilian Exchange student) said "Wow. That was really fun. I learned how to choke a person two different ways. I liked it better than dance. No body was judging me. Even though in dance I don't believe they are judging but there are all those mirrors. I feel really good about me. Thank you Mum." I told her not to thank me. Thank the Stillness Gym. What they are doing with children and their confidence and self esteem is amazing. So from both of us to the Stillness Gym "Thanks so very much. Don't know how we could ever repay you for the job you are doing".

   Jiu jitsu rocks!

- Angel Ryan



"A rare combination."

I have seen Cesar teach, and I have observed him learn arts other than JuJistu. His approach to both teaching and learning is in harmony; it is with committed grace and observation, absolute but also gentle concentration. That is a rare combination in teachers and in students. The true-but- cliche statement among great teachers is that they "teach to learn." Cesar is a model of why that is not an empty trope, and the opposite of a dismissal. One's own learning process feels honored when working with him. The trust the students have in his expertise is undeniable and well-founded, and that power and authority is balanced with his humility and openness.

- Maggie Schein

"There is no where else I would even consider training at in Beaufort."

There is no where else I would even consider training at in Beaufort - Cesar Clavijo, the owner/teacher of the Stillness Gym is everything I you want in an instructor:

calm, poised, knowledgable, motivational, dedicated, skilled, and eager to see students succeed. This is a zero-stress environment, where your training can be as rigorous or as gentle as you’d like.


Everyone I’ve encountered on the mat has been incredibly kind and considerate, from beginners to advanced students alike. I can’t imagine exercising/learning/rolling in a better environment.

  - Breanne Hirshman


"More than a gym."

The Stillness Gym is more than a gym, it is a peaceful environment of great people with a positive atmosphere the minute you walk through the door. Whether it's for simple questions, Brazilian jiu jitsu (which I highly recommend), yoga, and the many other offerings you are welcomed with open arms. Stillness is definitely a home for me.

- Daniel Morgan



"Already I can see a change in his self confidence."

My five year old recently attended his first class at the Stillness Gym, and already I can see a change in his self confidence. I'm very impressed with Cesar's teaching style with the young children and can't wait for my son to learn more!

- Nichole Van De Schiltz



"I can't remember feeling so positive about starting on something."


I had been hearing a lot about Stillness. I have dabbled in martial art training as a teenager and wrestled a lot. I have been active, working out with weights, running, playing sports, etc... but needed something different. I wanted something would train and discipline me holistically. By that I mean mind, body and spirit. After enrolling my 7 and 13 year old and taking a tour, I felt that Cesar had the approach to training that I was looking for. So, that day, I enrolled myself into training there. Although I'm just starting, I can't remember feeling so positive about starting on something. With the vibe that the staff and members exude, I have felt welcomed and am extremely excited to continue.

- Jeremy Todd



"By far the greatest training facility around."

The Stillness Gym is by far the greatest training facility around, and the teacher/owner is excellent with all age groups and experience levels. It is a very welcoming environment and highly recommended. You truly feel like you are a part of a BJJ family!

- Graham Jones

"Real Jiu Jitsu."

I'm on vacation and am always looking to find a place to train. I'm glad I ran across this place, great people, positive attitudes, doing real Jiu-Jitsu. Thank you for the hospitality.

 -  Chris Jones


"I learned more information in one month at this Gym than I did in one year of studying overseas."

I started a little over a month ago. I really enjoy the atmosphere that this gym creates! I studied martial arts overseas in Japan for 5 years earning my adult black belt, and I can say that I learned more information in one month at this Gym than I did in one year of studying overseas.

- Nick Ciaccio

"A hidden gem in Beaufort!"

Our family loves The Stillness Gym. Cesar is great with the kids and creates a great environment for them to train. A hidden gem in Beaufort!

- Laura Fenton

"My son loves it here!"

My son loves it here! Cesar is wonderful! I highly recommend him!!

-  Libby Dubois-Costa

"She can't wait to come back."

My daughter is painfully shy and I was hoping this class would build some confidence. I have been waiting for her each day to come out of class and cry. I am so excited to report that not only has she loved each class but she can't wait to come back. She was sick this last week and missing class was the hardest part for her. We are on the "We love Cesar team"!!        

                - Tracey Parrish Garcia                           


"Great in so many ways."

Great in so many ways. Love it!

- Jeff Myers



"The Stillness Gym is definitely a special place."

I took privates with Cesar before he opened the school and i'm currently a student who's been training there since it opened. One of the great things about the gym is that more than just Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is offered. Cesar has extensive knowledge about health and fitness that give the gym, and the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a unique dynamic.

The Jiu Jitsu is special in that learning how to warm-up properly and prepare your body for the specific movements covered in classes is emphasized. It's not simply: do jumping jacks or shrimp up and down the mat, then learn a technique, then roll. Here I learned the many types of shrimping (moving up and down the mat on the ground), the details of movement of each and what each are used for, etc. Here no detail from start to finish is overlooked. The atmosphere is one of acceptance, humility, and community. We're all just on different stages of the journey-That's how I think we'd put it.

Although I haven't done too much personally with the "Health-First Fitness" side of the academy, I can say that judging from what we get in the BJJ classes that there is a lot to gain from doing it. Whether you're just looking to get out of the house and stay active, lifting weights, running,generally any athletic discipline-Learning how to take care of your body is an important part of success (especially long-term) that can be accomplished here.

All the equipment and mats are high quality and the gym is very clean and set up nicely.The Stillness Gym is definitely a special place, and only just getting started. Come check it out, and you'll see what I mean.

- John Dreylick