2219 Prince Street - Beaufort - South Carolina

© 2019 by The Stillness Gym 


Our crest was modeled after traditional Japanese crests, or "Mon."
The three bulbs in the center of the symbol represent the trinity of

Body, Mind, and Soma.

Body - Physical form. The literal structure as it exists. 
Mind - The storehouse of thoughts, beliefs, fears, and dreams. 
Soma - Your experience of your own bodymind. The experience of Self.

The triangle is commonly used in Jiu-Jitsu, but here it is implied,

rather than drawn.

The rings that trail behind the bulbs represent the paths we travel in our development. The rings thin as they approach the center,

representing continuous refinement of the Self. 

The bulbs loop around each other, reminding us that although we can conceptually segregate them, the three are inextricably intertwined - each related to the others. The entire logo is a slice, a “still-shot” of the triple helix created by the rings seen from above, travelling a never-ending path upward,

ever more distilled.