2219 Prince Street - Beaufort - South Carolina

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//  MORNING  |  M/W 8:30 - 9:30
//  EVENING    |   M/T/W/TH 7 - 8 
//    OPEN MAT      |      SAT  10 : 3 0  -  12 : 3 0
Discover who you are.
Our program is an experience like no other. We use throws, hold-downs, and submissions to defend against and neutralize an attacker. More than a collection of effective techniques, Stillness Koncepts represents a set of values, strategies, and tactics that can empower you as much in your daily life as it can in violent situations.

At The Stillness Gym, classes are taught in a fun, engaging, and safe environment, where you will feel welcome, knowing that everyone on the mat is conspiring toward the success of those around them. There is no end to the journey, but you can take your first steps toward mastery today. 


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